5 of Hearts

5 of Hearts

Ages 18+
5 of Hearts at Wildwood

The 5 of Harts was formed in January of 2004 by members Cathy Hart, Doug Spinler, Mike Eastman, Bart Carfizzi and John Hernendez.The group made it's debut performance on Valentine's day 2004 at Dumas in Marion. They have played at various clubs and events around the area. Having fun and providing quality entertainment was and still is the bands fundamental goals. In June of 2006, Cathy decided to leave the band which opened the door for Star Black to join the band. Star has proved to be an excellent choice for Cathy's replacement. Since they no longer had a "Hart" in the band, they decided to add the E and change the name to the 5 of Hearts. Since then, Star has started a new adventure and left the band which opened the door for Riley!

In Nov of 2006, Bart spearheaded the "5 of Hearts Caribbean Cruise" This turned out to be a wonderful adventure for the band and all of the fans that went along. They performed on the Carnival Conquest cruise ship during a 7 day Caribbean cruise. They were also honored to be a part of floodstock 2008 which raised $100,000 for flood victims in Cedar Rapids.

The band continued to play clubs and events around the area but also found a niche playing at area Casinos such as Riverside Casino and Golf Resort and the Isle in Waterloo. The 5 of Hearts broke up in December of 2009 when Doug decided to hang it up and retire.

The band experienced a rebirth with some new members and new music. They started playing out again in early 2012. The current members are Mike Eastman on drums and vocals, Riley Vendela on vocals and keys, Adam Moritz on guitar, steel, Banjo and vocals, Fred Hoffman on bass and Doug Spinler on guitar and vocals. The band continues to play the Cedar Rapids area gaining momentum again and is looking forward to some exciting times ahead.

Venue Information:
Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon
4919 Walleye Drive
Iowa City, IA, 52240